We’ll be back in the 5th arrondisement in Paris as of September 2, 2019. And stay until the end of November. The regular e-mail address will still reach us. And my phone number there is 011 33 06 20 07 95 34. Dianne’s is 011 33 06 44 11 93 87. Our postal address is 2 Square Adanson, 75005 Paris, France.

We aren’t planning any trips outside Paris this year so we should be reachable there for the full three months.

We’re going to have some special company toward the end of our stay, in late November, when my daughter Alison and our granddaughter Amy Adkins, her husband Evan Brown AND their daughter, our great-granddaughter Naomi Rose Brown are all coming to visit for a week!

There’s a new a book available which you can download without paying a cent! I co-wrote it with Franck Leibovici and it’s called Exercises. It’s a collection of exercises that teachers give to students, which we found here and there, mainly from the fields of sociology and the arts (photography and others). Available here for free.