April, 2023

I’m living in San Francisco full time now, no more stays in Paris. I’ll be 95 this month and the traveling has become too difficult. But my relationship with France is still going strong. A book I co-authored with French artist and poet, Franck Leibovici, has just been published. It’s called exercices and you can find out all about it when you follow this link

There are two other recent additions to the “My Books” section of this website. Here and There is a collection of essays, and Performing Social Science is an homage to Dwight Conquergood and the two performance classes we taught together at Northwestern University in the early 1990’s. There are a lot of photographs of the class too!

Another addition is an mp3 of a recording I made in 1955 or 56 with the Jimmy Tucker Orchestra in Kansas City. This is the band I played with while I was doing the research for Boys in White. There’s also a photo of the band as we were back then. I’m behind the piano near the right edge of the picture. Click here to go to “My Music.”