I played with the Jimmy Tucker Orchestra in the mid 1950’s while I was doing research for the book Boys In White, a study of the University of Kansas Medical School. Below is an mp3 that we made from a 45rpm record the band made in 1955 or 56.

Dianne found the record tucked into an old Tom Jobim LP that I brought back with me from my first trip to Brazil in the 1970’s. Neither one of us knew it was there! It’s not in the best of shape, but it’s fun anyway. I did the arrangement for the tune too. There are some stories about the band in the transcript of a conversation Dianne and I had about my time playing the piano in Kansas City. You can find that in the Kansas City chapter of Here and There in My Books. The photo of the band is from the website of the Library of the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Howie in the Jimmy Tucker Orchestra