Here are the addresses of a few other sites I think are interesting.

Here are two great music sites. “Jazz Places” lets you know who’s playing what and where all over the U.S. Take a look!

“Letras e musicas,” a Brazilian site, has the lyrics and videos of all the Brazilian musicians and songs you could ever want to hear. You can look for favorite artists here, and find, for instance, Chico Buarque singing “Mulheres de Atenas,” or Tom Jobim or anyone else you can think of.

Dianne Hagaman is a photographer and writer (we happen to be married). If you click here you’ll see a selection of her work.

Mitchell Duneier has made available the complete text of the responses by him, Elijah Anderson, and Katherine Newman to an article by Loic Wacquant criticizing their major studies of American black communities. Here is a link to the original article. In my view, the responses are devastating, but you can judge for yourself.

I have been a devotee of hypertext since I first heard of it years ago. Michael Joyce is a pioneer of hypertext fiction, and author of the program you can write hypertexts with, called Storyspace. Michael no longer maintains a public web site, more's the pity.

Georges Perec was writing hypertext before you could do it with a computer. Try, among other wonderful books of his, Life: A User’s Manual. Eric Kraft has for years been writing a Very Large Fiction about an alter ego of his called Peter Leroy. You could call these eleven novels a kind of hypertext. He does.

Charles Ragin, a sociologist I have worked with for a long time, is the author of several books on method that are of great use to qualitative researchers, who ought to pay more attention to what he has to offer than they do. You can download the software for his method of Qualitative Comparative Analysis from his home page and you might also be interested a group devoted to small-N research using Ragin’s method.

The Kronos Quartet play nothing but modern music, a lot of it written for them. I especially liked their recording of Thelonius Monk’s music.

I have always liked (not everyone does) the novels and stories of P. G. Wodehouse, who invented Jeeves, Bertie Wooster, and others. He has some loyal fans, and you might get a kick out of their seriousness.

Lisa Elliot gave this web site its new look and I’m very grateful to her for what she created.